Social media and mobile phones

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Do we have a problem?

There are so much concerns nowadays about the negative impacts of social media and mobile phones on our quality of life. Some experts even compare these to drugs due to their addictive characteristics. The mobile phones demand all our attentions constantly, and we are more and more isolated with our electronic little friends. We can rarely plan a gathering with a group of friends, where no one plays with a phone somewhere in the corner.

But is this bad? Actually, there are as usual both negative and positive points here. Looking at the full half of the glass, for the first time in history we are connected to all other humans constantly. This is of course exciting and glorious. For example we can have access to the whole human knowledge whenever and wherever we want. Actually we are not far from the time where even high ranking scientists had to send letters to their colleagues. The had to wait for an answer which could take months. We can all see the impact of this connectivity in our lives.

But there are negative points that we can add to this list as well. How many times do you take your time to greet the person beside you in a bus station ? What about chatting with someone you don’t know about the weather? How many times a week do we take time to walk with a friend?

Actually we need the human contact at all stages of our lives. Being stuck with social media and mobile phones reduces the amount of real contact we get everyday.

Young people, more at risk?

I see young people in bars and restaurants, sometimes in couples. What makes me sad is to see couples on the same table, looking both at their phones, silent for minutes at a time. Does this mean that they don’t like to be together? I don’t think so. But to me, this is a sign of them being addicted to the dopamine released in their body, as a result of social interactions in a virtual world.

Adults may be capable of controlling the damages inflicted by these phenomena on their life. But for young people it will not be that easy. Their need to socialize and remaining connected to their peers makes them vulnerable to these means. I came across this video and being a fan of the speaker, I highly recommend you to watch it.