Growth in consumption of organic food

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The good news

The growth in consumption of organic food is visible in many countries, like Switzerland and UK. This is great news for the agriculture industry of course, this is also a great news for us to see that culture of consuming organic food is finding its well deserved place.

Growth in consumption of organic food

With organic food we can ensure a better future for humanity.

Better regulations

There are so many aspects of the growth in consumption of organic food that we cherish, like a growing choice of organic goods and food, or better regulations on their quality both in production and transfer phases. But above all, what I miss most is the smell of real vegetables and fruits once in the store. Have you noticed that except in some stores where the organic food is present, no real smell is present, not like those good old days at least.

Growth in consumption of organic food

Organic food, the answer to sustainable development.

Better world for our children

We all hope that our children live in a better world. It is however difficult to imagine how they construct their world and how they see fit to manage it. But one thing is clear, the more organic food is out there the better their quality of life will be.

This also helps us to ensure that we introduce less and less chemical agents into the nature. This way we may be able to conserve the integrity of the ecosystem we have inherited from our parents and give it to the next generations intact.

Growth in consumption of organic food

Consuming and producing organic food is simply finding our way back to nature.

What about us

The implications of the growth in consumption of organic food is a gift for the future humans. But we as the present inhabitants of the planet earth can also profit from it all. There is an increasing body of scientific evidence showing the difference between the organic and non-organic food, this shows the importance of an organic diet. The benefits of an organic diet goes beyond the healthy digestive system and it is now clear that this may improve even the psychological health the individual as well.

The higher quality of life for those who have adopted a healthy and organic diet is easy to observe. Although some may argue that those who consume the organic food have already a higher socioeconomic status.  This argument is of course debatable.

After all, there is no such things as cheap good food. If you save money by buying low-quality food, you’ll pay it back in your medical bills. This is return results in a decrease in your quality of life.