What are you eating?

Samira Lifestyle

During my childhood I did not use to eat lots of junk or fast food but once I got independent and busy with my life, the fast food, sweets and chocolates replaced my healthy eating habits. To be honest, I did not care at all about my food rather than getting fed. I tented to skip a meal, mostly breakfast and ate very irregular.

Few years ago, I read an article in a journal about healthy eating. This was the first time I have noticed that I need to pay more attention to what I have in my plate. I have started to eat more vegetables, fruits and reduced my sugar intake.

I have slowly made a change  in my life style and now I try NOT to eat processed products and take my food directly from Mother Nature!

I feel much healthier and stronger now after all these years and I wish to inspire others, as much as I can, to follow a natural and green lifestyle.