Make changes everyday

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What to change

It is never late, we need to make changes everyday in our lives. These changes then determine how you are going to live. Any change counts and helps you make the best of yourself. It is not even important if you are making a big or a small change. What is important is that you should start days with deciding what you are going to change in the daily life that day.

These changes can be a very slight change in your behavior for example. You may also decide to increase or vary your daily physical activity. If you have a path where you walk everyday, why don’t you change it a little bit today? And when you are in the parking lot, why don’t you park your car in a corner where you never park?



Although these changes may seem too little to be effective in any way, but they are not. Your brain gets stimulated by even small changes when you make a change everyday. This stimulation actually is very helpful in increasing the functionality of the brain.

There are no excuses for putting aside the effort and sticking to what you are. Remaining still is the synonym of getting ready to end. When you put your brain in a still world with no change, it may start to decrease its capacities and the consequences will be very unbearable. Why should anyone be a slave to his/her old habits when one can make changes everyday! After all with any change there is a new opportunity to make a breakthrough in the daily life.

I read this beautiful story about a teacher who wasn’t able to read and write, and finally a day he confronted his fears. He described his life before his triumph as “being in dark” and frankly we all have dark spots in our life. We all have small or big habits and fears than can ruin our access to a better life. And what day is better to start a change in our life than today?