It is all about you!

Samira Lifestyle, Well-being

Being stylish, attractive, powerful, successful and the most important one being happy. These are all in our control. It is all about how we feel about ourselves and how much we pay attention to our body, our souls and our emotions. The fact is we are all under the harsh effect of society and media, so the definition of all those words has been dictated to us.

So what is the problem?

It is all about us. We are the ones who should define how we feel happy. Is it when you look good or when you are rich or when you are with your loved ones? I have noticed that many people these days have been forgotten about themselves and how they feel happy, satisfied, powerful and instead they follow the standards and role models that have been introduced to them by media and try to mimic them. But why not each of us being our own role model. The hardest part is to figure out ourselves, our passion regardless what is going on around us and then try to reach it. Something that brings smile on our faces and makes us jump out of bed in the morning. Something that makes us feel good about ourselves.