More pleasure is a good motivation.

How to remain motivated to exercise?

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The motivation to continue doing exercise is something everyone has to deal with somewhere during the life. This exercise can be anything from going to gym or simply walking on a daily basis. Here I will give you my take of the matter, and a list of what I consider important. Before answering to how to remain motivated to exercise we have another question to answer. This question is why do we want to do the exercise at the first place?

1. The main question, why to do exercise at all?

This question is actually the basis for the rest of what I want to discuss with you. Each person should find an honest and fulfilling answer to this question before anything else. This question actually takes a bit of reflection and self-discovery before you find a proper answer. Do you want to do the exercise just to look better? Or do you want to sleep better? Is the main reason for doing the exercise feeling better in your body? Anyway, if you find the right answer to this question you have done the main part of the job.

Make it clear for yourself.

What is the reason you have for doing exercise?

The answer to this question is not important as long as you are honest with yourself. Simply you can identify that reason and make sure that you commit to that reason. This is the best help you can give yourself to remain motivated.

2. Turn your reason to your everyday slogan

Once you have identified the reason to do exercise, you should keep it in your mind. The mind is the palace the “real you” lives in and you will not forget your reason if the palace is decorated with it. You can put it on notes and attach it on the wall. Or you can keep repeating it in your mind in the morning. Just make sure that you are concentrated on that reason. Never forget that your mind does wonders when you understand how it works.

The more you keep doing it the easier it gets.

Make it your duty to remember your goal everyday.

3. Take baby steps

It is always better to start with a slow pace and keep it up as a constant pace. In contrast to this one may start with lots of motivation and a hurry to do wonders in a short time. But in my experience, the baby learns to walk by starting slowly and practicing it for thousands of times. Indeed, it is good to achieve great results sooner than later, but can we keep up running fast for a long time? This is my point.

Find your pace and keep it up.

A baby never starts by running.

So fix your target, find out your direction, and start walking towards it. You will manage to do wonders when you keep pace in doing whatever you are doing.

4. Keep track of your activities

Specially for physical activities, it is very gratifying to keep track of what you do. It actually helps you realize how far you have come since you have started, and motivates you to keep going on. It can also be motivating for some people with whom you may share the result of tracking your activities. There are so many activity trackers nowadays and you can choose anyone. But make sure to watch a couple of YouTube reviews on the subject before doing so. Here is a good one for example.

Select one that fits your style too.

There are so many good trackers to choose from.

5. Find a partner

The last solution I want to point out here on how to remain motivated to exercise is to take advantage of the occasion if you have someone around who may be persuaded in doing your activity with you. If your partner, friend or even your colleagues are motivated to start an activity with you, it will help you and them in future to keep it up.

More pleasure is a good motivation.

There is more pleasure in doing what you do, if you do it in good company.

The pleasure of being accompanied is the reward enough for convincing you , even if you feel a bit tired at the moment. After all, we are social beings and doing good in company of he people we care about is good and feels good. So, have a look around and find the person you want to have with you, and start walking today.