Fighting depression

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The problem

I see many people fighting depression and trying to find a solution with those pills. I am not saying that no one should use the professional help of psychiatrists or psychologists, but at very first we should question our own lifestyle. Are we really doing the best of what we can in our life?

Fighting depression | No easy solution exists

Consciousness begins with questions.


Do I eat as I should? Have I slept enough recently? Is the amount of physical exercise I do enough for a person with my profile? And do I put enough time aside everyday to concentrate and meditate to ensure my inner peace?
If not perhaps before putting myself in the mercy of pharmaceutical companies, I should revise some aspects of my life.

Fighting depression | No easy solution exists

People with mental disorders are surrounded by pills.

Recently I saw an interview with Cara Delevingne and cannot resist to put it here. You may see how she has managed to understand that she needs to get a break.


No easy solution exists

We cannot fight depression only with antidepressants, at least not in all cases. People need to do enough exercise, sleep well enough and eat adequately in order to keep the devil at bay. What we should know is that this can be a chronic condition which needs a constant presence and watch over your life.

What you eat is also of great importance. Decreasing the amount of unhealthy fat, and increasing the quantity of unprocessed food can help a lot.

Consuming organic food can also be a great improvement to your lifestyle, it is of course a bit more expensive, but you should not forget that what you save on the price of the food you consume you pay indirectly by your health.

Listen carefully to your body, it is usually equipped with specific guidance systems to show you the right thing to do. All that we need to do is to get aligned again with our body.