Doing good without expectations

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Need to be recognized

Everyone should be capable of doing good without expectations like rewards or recognition. Living as free from expectations as possible is an art, and many are ignorant about it’s importance.

To do good and expecting to be rewarded or recognized for it is only a transaction. It is not the act of doing good which is the motivation, it is the reward that we seek.

But what happens when we do good to someone without expecting anything in return? There is no more rewards or credit for the kind person doing good without expectations. Actually many of us may just pass by it, and live our lives as always.

Actually there is more to it than what we see. In truth there are even personal benefits one can gain from this if you can believe me.

Personal benefits of doing good without expectations

It may come hard to you, but there is really a personal benefit in being a natural-born giver. To give you a brief list, I may start with the good feeling. Actually some good hormones find their way into your body and feel you with joy. This good feeling, boosts your mood, your energy level and even your way of thinking.

By doing good to people you don’t know, without expectations, means that your ego has found a balance. It has left enough room for you to experience the joy of being selfless. This is something we should feel all the day and every day.

What goes around comes back

Apart from the personal consequences of doing good without expectations, there are other rewards which come to you in the long run. There are those who believe that the universe reflects what we do. In other words, it puts a reflection of our doings in front of us. So no kindness goes away without response and no cruelty fades in the past without the suffering going back to its source.

I read about the impact this practice can have in children here and here. So make sure to arm your children with the ability to perform random acts of kindness everyday.