How to benefit the most of coconut for beautiful hair

Samira Beauty

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is extracted from the meat of matured coconuts, which are harvested from the coconut palm tree. It is  so high in saturated fats, therefore, it ages well and can last up to two years on the shelf. Because of its superior moisturizing, hydrating, and conditioning properties, we have gathered a collection of coconut oil hair care products.

The most benefit of coconut oil hair care can be obtained directly from the oil, therefore, the quality of coconut oil is highly important. Here is a list of the best organic extra virgin coconut oils to buy now and change your life!

Coconut oil shampoo

Deep moisturizing properties of coconut oil as well as its richness in nourishing hair and scalps, makes it a popular ingredient in hair wash products. Regular use of deep conditioning coconut oil hair care, followed by coconut based shampoo and conditioner is a game changer specially for people with dry and curly hair. Here is a fantastic collection of coconut oil shampoo.

Coconut oil conditioner

Rich amount of in anti-microbial properties, lauric acid, and medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil gives the hair strength , condition the scalp, and help to regrow hair. Therefore, it makes a great ingredient for hair conditioner. Here is a list of best conditioner based on coconut.

Coconut oil leave-in conditioner

Coconut products are natural sun block so an easy way of protecting your hair from sun is using a coconut leave-in conditioner. It protects the hair from sun damage as well as nourishing the hair and leave it conditioned and moisturized. Coconut oil leave-in conditioner is a natural remedy that keeps the frizz away.

Coconut oil hair mask

The most effective hair masks for a deep condition and moisturizing treatment are coming from coconut. Use both coconut oil and coconut milk as hair mask. Coconut oil restores natural oil balance of the hair and prevents protein lost. Once a week, warm a bit of coconut oil and apply it on your damp hair. Use a shower cap and towel to cover your head. Leave it for few hours or even over night and wash and condition the next day. As a cheaper and more convenient option, you can buy creamy coconut milk at the supermarkets. Use it instead of coconut oil as hair mask in the same way. After few months of repeating this hair care routine, you will have healthier, shinier, stronger and obviously more beautiful hair. Take care of yourself the way you deserve!