Coconut oil hair care, 5 steps to healthy and shiny hair

Samira Beauty

Coconut oil hair care products are among the most nourishing hair care products now. The reason is the miracle of fatty acid and vitamins in coconut oil such as vitamin K, E and some vitamin B. They get absorbed through the scalp and hair. That means strong, shiny and frizz free hair. Here is 5 steps of coconut oil hair care which can change your days.

Step 1: Coconut oil hair mask

Damp your hair with warm water. Let the coconut melt if it is not and then massage it on the scalp. Take it through the hair specially the ends. The natural oil comes from the scalp and goes to the end, therefore, long and specially curly hair tents to have dryer ends. Leave the hair in a shower cap for at least one hour or even over the night. You can use coconut milk in the same way and get the benefits of coconut from another part of this fruit.

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Step 2: Coconut oil shampoo 

Wash your hair with a sulfate and silicone free coconut shampoo. Massage the shampoo gently with your fingers and not NAILs! The water should not be very hot although it is very tempting in the winter but hot water can dry out the scalp.

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Step 3: Coconut oil conditioner

Apply sulfate and silicone free coconut conditioner. This part is very important and many people just scape it. Conditioners moisturize your hair and prevent the breakage. Apply conditioner to your hair and massage it through the end. Leave it for few minutes and rinse. If your conditioner is natural in good quality, do not rinse it completely. It works as a leave-in conditioner and the result will surprise you!

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Step 4: Coconut oil leave-in conditioner

After shower, hair is very fragile. Leave-in conditioner helps a lot to keep the moist in the hair and leave it soft and easy to brush for few days and as a result, makes your life easier! Apply it after shower when the hair is wet. 

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Step 5: Let everything soak in

Avoid towel to dry your hair. Instead, use a t-shirt to scrunch your hair and wrap it around your hair. The best way to treat your hair after shower, is air dry. Although, if you do not have time or need to blow dry and style your hair, do not forget about heat protection spray.

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Final word

The point of hair treatment is to have healthy and strong hair. If you achieve this, there is no reason to use heat to style your hair. Every hair is beautiful and perfect in its natural way. It is only about hair care and hair cut! 



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