Find your pace and keep it up.

Baby steps, but everyday

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We want to change

We all seek the progress, we want to change to be the best of our self. But can we change in an instant and become a better person? After all, there are always things that we don’t like about what we are. But we shouldn’t forget that no change comes in an instant. The progress cannot be a hasty process. All must be done with well-thought plans and well-planned actions.

Meditation can be great help in recognizing your true self.

Quick decisions

Whenever I decide to start running for example, I end up forgetting about it in a week. But is there something wrong with me?The answer is no. Those quick decisions are great, but the way you execute them is questionable.

When we want to change our lifestyle, the quick decisions usually end up failed and forgotten within a couple of weeks. But a steady path towards a specific goal does not. If you are willing to start running, give it a try, but make sure not to tire yourself entirely. Let your body get used to it and do it a couple of times per week.

The best would be to find a friend or partner who will accompany you while doing it. Nothing can make a better motivation than doing it with a friend. But I assure you, after a couple of months, you will crave for doing it.

Your decisions need to be taken care of, by no one else but you.

Baby steps

If you want to start any physical activity, or increase the quality of your food, first you need to think about it, and make a plan. Take little baby steps, and just keep taking them everyday. You will be amazed how all can be accomplished but in time. What you need to remember is how you started to walk: by trying to do it, but everyday. This can be your strategy for the whole life and you can perform miracles with it.