How to treat hair loss with Argan Oil Hair Care

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Argan oil

Argan oil comes from Moroccan argan tree. It contains large amounts of vitamin E and fatty acids which have magical effects on hair and body. Argan oil benefits are numerous, it acts as moisturizer for the scalp and fights dandruff. It treats hair as a nourishing moisturizer and reduces frizz and split ends as well as dryness in the scalp. Argan oil can be applied directly to hair and skin or it can be added as a main ingredient into hair care products.

Below are a some of best natural and organic Argan oil to include into your every day hair care routine.

Argan oil shampoo

Argan oil shampoo brings strength, shine and softness to hair. It can treat damaged hair by chemicals or coloring in long term. If you suffer from dry scalp and dry hair, here are some products to bring back the moist, straight and shine into your hair after few weeks.

Argan oil conditioner

Conditioners stay in hair for a longer time so they have even deeper effect on hair than shampoo. Argan oil is an excellent ingredient in hair conditioner for thin and dry hair, split ends and specially dry curly hair. To take the most advantage of Argan oil in your hair wash routine, use both shampoo and conditioner with the same base.


Argan oil leave-in conditioner

Argan oil is a great leave-in conditioner and brings shine to hair while makes it soft and sleek. Apply few drops of Argan oil to damp hair after shower and massage it gently. The hair will absorb it while getting dry and will not give you a greasy hair feeling. Here are some top Argan oils to leave in the hair as conditioner after shower.

Argan oil hair mask

To get the most of Argan oil benefits, hair masks are essential. Use pure Argan oil and massage it into the scalp and ends, cover the hair with a towel and leave it for few hours. This treatment is very effective for people who suffer from hair loss. Argan oil contains antioxidants, which boosts cells and encourages them to produce healthy and stronger hair. Hair masks based on Argan oil, contain a great amount of Argan oil along with other ingredients to provide an environment for hair to absorb the most of Argan oil in an easier way. Here are some of the best Argan oils for using as a hair mask.