A journey to green beauty and organic cosmetics

Samira Beauty

Few months ago I have decided to switch to natural and organic cosmetics. I thought it has been few years that I have started my journey to healthy eating and now is the time to remove chemical products from my skin care and make up as well. To be honest it was not an easy process. I did lots of research on organic cosmetics and brands to avoid experiencing everything by myself which can be very difficult and costly. I have watched a lot of videos on YouTube to get inspiration to go for it. Finally one day I washed all my brushes, collected all my products and put them in a box, even those gorgeous eye shadow that I have bought and never used!

Ordered basic products from the brands that I had chosen over Amazon since I could not find any organic cosmetics shop nearby. My products arrived after few days and till then, I got used to be without any make up even at work and be comfortable with it. The feeling that I never had due to brown spot and pigmentation on my face.

Long story short, the feeling of using these products is very different. They are not long lasting but and they smell like their origin! Furthermore, I have noticed that taking care of my skin and nourish it with natural ingredients from my fridge or kitchen, can be life changing. Healthy skin does not need a lot of retouch and make up.

Stay tuned!